I have had the most amazing career. I cut my teeth right out of high school working for an internet service back in the dial-up days – yeah 56k! I started in tech support working with our end users to help them get online. I quickly transitioned to admin work – this was my first foray into UNIX. I obtained my first Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) certification in Windows NT 4.

Then I went to work for a medical company developing software to interface with a catheter that was placed into live mice and rats. I was blessed with the ability to travel to universities and hospitals to work directly with doctors and see our products in use. Talk about an amazing experience. Our hope was always to make the jump from research to the clinical market but the company wasn’t ready.

Next I took a job with a start-up company to help get their software engineering department off the floor. This involved working with attorneys, garbage collection companies, iPhone development, flash technology R&D,  and data warehousing. Everyday was a new challenge.

Shortly thereafter I went back to the medical company to manage the development of a clinical software system. This was the pinnacle of my career. It was an exciting time to see the decades of development and research come to fruition. Also during that time I worked towards and obtained my Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

Right about the time I finished the clinical product I was recruited to a large oil and gas company to lead the IT department as Director of Information Technology. We were installing a $230,000 NetApp Flexpod while engineering a down hole drilling software application. We were rocking and rolling until the bottom fell out of the oil industry. I found myself laid off.

I fell back to my engineering roots and started some projects in the financial industry and web development. Even while being unemployed I was extremely busy. Then I found my current home as Director of Information Technology at a private christian school.

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