2016 Devine Dove Hunt

Every year I venture down to Devine, TX for a dove hunt. I’ve been friends with the land owner for over 15 years and this marks about 11 or 12 years we’ve been hunting.

This trip is always one of my favorites. We have a huge amount of land to roam and hunt. The wildlife is extensive. It’s very common to see deer, pigs, turkeys, dove, rabbits, hawks, and even do some fishing.

This year I took my DSLR and GoPro to get some footage. The hunts in the morning were non-existent – the birds just weren’t flying. The evening hunts were pretty good. I didn’t limit out but got close. We even took a break during the day to shoot some skeet. FYI… still haven’t found a good recipe to make them skeet edible.

The decoys we use are Mojo Voodoo Doves. I always wondered if the decoys really help. Within minutes of putting them in the field we had a hawk swoop down and try to take off with one of our decoys. As you can see in the video there were several doves that make a pass over the decoys. They certainly draw them in.

Enough yakking… here’s the video highlights!

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