How You Know You Married The Right Person?

Today we often see people jump into relationships and marriage way to quickly – relationships built on merely physical attraction without any real substance.

Hanging out in a singles class at church can sometimes be a treacherous task but it certainly worked out for me. Finding someone at church usually means you’re on a level playing field in regards to spirituality. I can remember the day she walked into my Bible Study class. Quiet and cute… she automatically had my interest. Within two weeks we had our first date – cajun food and walk around The Woodlands. While enjoying crawfish etouffee she could quote Top Gun flawlessly. It was the conclusion of the first date I know this was going places.

IMG_5209-1-SMILEBut this relationship thing has to be beyond the cute and fun… I was able to meet her family a short time later. What an amazing family! This is when I knew I would marry her. When you see the love of God lived out in her family and the ability to raise three strong God fearing women this is a family you have to be part of.

Ike - 9-12Of course our marriage has been rocky – lost jobs, unemployment, death in the families, etc and our wedding wasn’t much better. We were married right in the middle of Hurricane Ike – no power, no A/C, no lights…. everything done by candlelight! We look back on these and just laugh because God held our hand through all of this. It wasn’t always evident in the moment but it was crystal clear after the fact.



IMG_6461I grew up camping in Boy Scouts so I love being outdoors… so does she. We love to camp and I don’t mean RVing. I’m talking camping in the middle of no where – no cell signal, no water, no restrooms. We’ve canoed and kayaked Galveston, St. Pete Florida, the Neches River, Port Aransas, and Ft Parker State Park.

Those you you that know us know that we have two puppies. Trigger our older chocolate lab even use to canoe with us. Recently we added Winnie (Winchester) because Trigger needed a little sister.20131026_134229-1







20160519_100453The last eight years have been a blast and I look forward to many more but the last month has been the most exciting (terrifying). Six weeks away from our due date her water broke. We rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night and three days later I’m holding my son… only for a second since he was in the NICU.

This obviously doesn’t work for everyone but this is how I knew I married the right person.



Too long; Didn’t Read (TL;DR)
Find someone…
of the same spiritual belief as you
who can quote Top Gun
enjoys spicy cajun food
has a wonderful family
loves an adventure, even on her wedding day
loves outdoors
loves animals
gives you a child to hold



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